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September 2016  

Message From Team Excelsus

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." Paul J. Meyer
September is a time of change and reorganization. Back to school, family, personal schedules, and the upcoming holidays are all a time for change and planning for many people and families. Schedules and planning ahead are essential for success in all areas of our lives. Whether you use a classic paper planner or mobile device, it should be something you take with you everywhere. Set your intentions for the day, week and month ahead. People who plan - achieve. 




Adheres when you need it. 

Peels away when you don't.

ViziPrint Impress is a printable window film that is designed for trouble-free installation of graphics on glass surfaces and is available in either clear or white.

ViziPrint Impress utilizes proprietary adhesion technology that creates a strong bond in both high and low temperatures without leaving residue behind. Since it uses a mechanical bond to gently adhere images to windows, the glass stays clear and graphics stay bright whenever ViziPrint Impress is re-positioned and re-applied. 

ViziPrint Impress is ideal for bubble-free decals, signage and retail window advertising.


ViziPrint Impress is ideal for: 

Indoor Signage, Retail Sign Programs, Window Graphics


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"The Checkout Numbers Look Fabulous!

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